Another Life Saved By Girl On Girl Action

October 22, 2008

Gosh! With all our debt paid off what are we to do? Well Heroes was on Monday….we watched that.

I was actually pretty in the middle on this episode. Hiro and Ando has some hilarious moments with “African Issac” but it just sort of went by so fast. You won’t hear me say (or see me type) that it was a bad show. It just sort of wizzed by for me.

House last night was really awesome once again. This show never ceases to amaze me in the little things it does (at least for me).

Some of the focus last night was on House and Wilson being best buddies again. Now the thing that never ceases to get me is that this show always leans you towards wanting to see House make some sort of emotional breakthough, or something drastic to happen so it forces a change in his life. When they do it though all we want is to see him back where he was before. It makes the viewers feel like enablers in some exosential way. This show is truly brilliant in my eyes, and I hope it never ends, or atleast ends well.

In other news, game one of the World Series is tonight. I shall be checking in on it from time to time. The next Epic show is this Friday, and I couldn’t care less.


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