Going Boldly!

November 12, 2008

Heroes and House returns! Just one of the many great and awesome things that occur following the end of the political debate at large!


This was the flashback episode I was hoping to see. The did one during the first season which I thought was awesome, this flashback episode showed us more of the “before it all happened” stuff and tied some more events together, it also tied in some events from the first season which was EXCELLENT!


House was also really awesome. I hope this show has not peaked, it’s in a holding pattern right now, but it’s one of greatness where every episode is just so good. This has been a great follow up to season four! They keep teasing that House might in fact have some feelings for his boss lady. We shall see!

Also the new look 1701 Enterprise from the new JJ Abrams flick has been released.


To me it rings true to me as a Trek fan. Yes it looks a little different but I am expecting a different movie, I am over excited to see footage in the new trailer that is coming out on Monday. As I type this I am listening to the score from Star Trek II which is music that just embodies Star Trek to me, and this new ship looks right to me, Monday cannot come soon enough!


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