Yeah….I’m Jumping On

November 20, 2008

That’s right! I am jumping on the Tropic Thunder Bandwagon!


I guess I was just get of “ho-hum” about the movie, but when I got a chance to check it our for free I usually don’t pass that sort of thing up. The movie was hilarious from start to finish. And not only did I tolerate Tom Cruise in this movie I actually loved him. The movies is now on the “to buy list”.

Heroes on Monday was also quite good.


I will freely admit that I’m kind of uncertain where they are going for the first in their three year run. A lot of things came together, but a lot of things were kind of confusing. I am willing to tough it out though and see if they can make up for the confusion by tiying it all together.

House was very good……..


It was kind of a patient oriented show and a little less about the characters this time around, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a show like that. It was defintely good just not as good as the other episodes so far this season. The next episode looks to be on of the “crazy House” episodes where something on the wrong side of unbelieveable happens, those shows are usually really good though.

Oh yeah……….the new Star Trek trailer finally came out…………….AND IT IS EPIC!


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