20 Smiley Faces!

November 26, 2008

So Kayla’s behavior in school has not been the best lately. We asked her teacher to send home a progress report. This report consists of the 10 sections her day at Kindergarten. If she did good she gets a smiley face, if not then we get a note about what her problem was. Well until this week she was getting 8/10, 7/10 and one bad day where she had 5/10. Well on Monday, and yesterday she got all 10 smiley faces and we couldn’t be more proud!

Monday had a pretty decent Heroes episode.


It’s a two parter, and Heroes is usually a cliff hanger based show as it is, so we have a cliff hanger within a cliff hanger. It was a pretty decent episode allthough I wasn’t super in to it until the end. Maybe all of the twisting is finally taking a toll? Maybe I was just tire that night? Who knows?

House last night was excellent!


I was expecting an over the top episode, where things are kind of goofy but I was way off. Even though I enjoy the wacky episodes, they are lower on the list of favorite episodes. This ended up being a very good episode, and something new as it was defintely a different way of doing a House episode that was familiar but not so formulaic.

Oh also a “new” Star Trek Trailer has cropped up. Actually it’s the same trailer with a new ending, but the ending totally makes it worth watching over again!



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