Extenuating Circumstances

December 11, 2008

As we draw closer and close to Christmas the weeks get bussier and bussier. Heroes and House were on. This was a good break from things I must say.


Heroes was pretty darn good this week. I do believe it is coming back next Monday which is more then I can say for House…….. I was under the guise that this was the blowoff to the “Villians” volume leading into to volume four, but I was aparrently incorrect.


House was damned excellent! Everything from House not even opening Wilsons gift from last year to Foreman and 13 hooking the fuck up, to House telling a woman she was going to give the first ever virgin birth as a “good deed” to save her fiance from the fact that she cheated on him. House is great, the fact that I must wait until January to watch more is no less then the crime of century!

My birthday is in four days, I am cautiously looking forward to it knowing what I know from last year. As in previous years we are going to Frankenmuth for an EPIC celebration, good food, and family. Xmas is a mere two weeks away!


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