2009 Or “Three More Years Till Apocalypse”

January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully we can start it off good and end it good. I should probably god back and look at the New Years post from 2008 to see how that year started. Be right back…….

GREAT! Now I remember. Jen was just starting classes and Journeyman was canceled. Well nothing that tragic has happened just yet so so far, so good.

I watched Wanted yesterday. It stars James Mc…….well never mind Angelina Joile is in it and she shows some behind.


Now lets not that get in the way of this flick. Yeah she is hot but the movie is damn good. Pretty good story and an awesome performance by Morgan Freeman. Breathtaking special effects as well. A very cool movie I must say, worth picking up.

In sports new the Pistons are rolling along okay, this hasn’t been their best season in my opinion but they are not doing to bad. Red Wings continue to kick some ass.


Today they beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the Winter Classic 6-3. The game was played outside in Chicago at Wrigley Field. It was quite an awesome sight to see a hockey game out doors for a change. Really good game as well. The Wings were down early 3-1 but came back in a big way.

New Epic show is coming my way in about 15 days. I am with holding reservations about how well we will do. After the last show I am keeping my expectations low.


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