Things Do Not Stay The Same

January 12, 2009

So it was made official today that my father no longer has a job. He was unceremoniously removed from his previous employer Delphi Automotive for a mistake he made, this was a couple of years ago. It was the only mistake he likely ever made there in all his years working there. He was forwarding an email from his inbox at work to an inbox at home. He accidentally sent the email to another person that works within Delphi who shares his name. The email contained a racially insensitive joke about MLK day, the man who got the email was African American. My father immediately realized the mistake and contacted the man personally to explain and apologize. He was fired despite this effort he made on his behalf and by others who had vouched for him.

I don’t claim to know everything about my Dad but I am fairly certain he is not a racist man or one who harbors hate in his heart. I thought the firing was unjust and a bit hasty given the nature of the incident and his previous track record with this company.

Well he moved on and found another place to work. It was with a small company that handled work for Delphi. My Dad loved this new job it was at a place called Incal. He loved his boss and the train of thought that the company ran on both professionally and morally. He was laid off from that job officially today despite the efforts of his boss and others at Delphi. For all I know Delphi threatened to drop all work for InCal unless they dropped him at the curb like they had the pleasure of doing not so long ago. What I do know is that Delphi refused to allow my father to do any more work for their company effectively ending his stay at Incal.

One thing I do know is that both of my parents busted their asses and chose to give up chances at doing things that more fortunate families are privy to in order to make sure we all had a place to stay, clothes to wear, food to eat, and lessons to learn (and I have learned the hard way).  Common sense would tell you with the one mistake on record and his years of hard work and service that you would be entitled to a second chance. It’s sad that we do not live in that world. I’d like to say that “my faith in people has been shattered” but that means I’d be forced to classify millionaire CEO’s as people and I’m afraid I am unable to stretch the meaning of the word that far.

I am fortunate though. I know my Dad is in a bad place right now, but I also knows that he knows he still has what matters to him the most and those are things that I can’t take away, Delphi can’t take it away (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to find away), nobody can take it away. It’s things like my Mom, my brother, me, my daughter, and the rest of our family that really matters. Those things are ours and I’ll be damned if there is anything else we REALLY need.


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