No Scrubs (Sorry TLC, Not About You)

January 21, 2009

House returned on Monday. All was right with the world.


Very good episode I thought. The show is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment though and that’s fine, every episode is still quite good. Just waiting for the next big revelation to come out…..perhaps it will be next week. Speaking of next week…Heroes returns with their new chapter. I am looking forward to what that has in store.

Okay obviously I was an idiot on for some reason thought that Scrubs would be on, it was not. I watched the whole inaguration ceremony though and it was quite a spectacle.


The crowd was huge! Say what you will but I LOVED the spectacle and the grandeur of it. Obama’s speech was very good I even re-watched it online later with Jen (who missed it because of work). From a historical standpoint it was magical, and the thought that the last person to put their hands on the book he was sworn in on was Abraham Lincoln gave me chills. It was truly a great moment and I hope it is something we can build off of. The cynic in me says to not get to excited but I maintain high hopes for a new mindset in this country.


I posted the text of the speech in my last entry. Below is the video courtesy of CNN.com


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