A little too much slack…

November 7, 2009

Oh Gods its November!?! It looks like I snoozed on the blog a little bit too much. Not to worry though, not a lot has really been going on. I have been in what seems like a perpetual holding pattern for most of the year.

To catch you up on what has happened: I paid another visit to Ann Arbor and got a good report card on my foot/ankle. Nothing broken, nothing rejected, I go back in 2010 to have another look at it but so far, so good. Oh! I passed the two classes I was taking, just started on my Algebra class and my Marketing class last Monday. Algebra will be a challenge considering I haven’t so much as thought about it in nearly a decade.

The Tigers kind of faltered in the final weeks of the season and they ended up on the losing end of a one game playoff with the Twins. It was a hell of  a game, one for the ages if you’re a Tigers fan despite the loss. The Twinkies got destroyed by the Yankees in the first round. It ended up being the Yankees and Phillies in the World Series with the Yanks taking it in six games thus pushing by World Series prediction losing streak to four years running. WORST!

We did a lot of our Christmas shopping for Kayla already, hopefully we will get some extra cash soon to get a few more things for family as well.


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