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Screwed…Literally By Screws!

February 11, 2009

Okay. I voted for Obama but his press conference on Monday caused the FOX to NOT air House last night. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Interrupting my favorite TV is not the change I voted for Barack!

Well at least we had Heroes to fall back on and it has been freaking awesome since returning for the “Fugitives” stage of Season 3.


I enjoyed the first half of the season well enough I suppose but I haven’t been totally digging the show like I did in the first season. This half of season three appears to be coming back to that season one form.

Oh yeah! I went back down to Ann Arbor today for a follow-up on my surgery from last June. Turns out that atleast one of my screws broke (perhaps two). At this stage in the recovery process this is not such a good thing. I have to go back under the kinfe to get it repaired. Everything should be okay after this one. The doctor said with all the work they did the first time there was a good chance that my body would have a hard time healing all of it perfectly.


Show Must Go On!

September 30, 2008

So there are a few things going on, lets write em’ down shall we?

Today is yet another doctor appoint down to Ann Arbor. Hopefully I am progressing well, and I will continue to get some good news. Even for visits like these (simple ones) I never fail to get nervous (freaked out) right before the trip.

I FINALLY got my latest in a seris of Pell Grant checks from school. This is only good in that I can now pay off my parents, and the credit card bill, it’s not due until the 13th, but why not pay it off early?

Heroes again last night!

The show continues its twists and turns. The basic Heroes forumla goes like this. Episodes 1-4 show you a lot of cool stuff, twist and turn things, confuse the hell out of you, and leave you with a decent, to excellent cliff hanger leading to the next episode. Then episodes 5-14 usually give you the tie ins to explain the other stuff in the previous episodes, then the story takes off and you end up with a pretty cool half a season. Sylar as HRG’s partner was really awesome!

Well the Tiger’s season is officially over. The almost had a four game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays, but they lost their last home game of the season, and then they lost the make up game against the hated White Sox to end the season in the tank…….dead last…

Well the playoffs are here. I rooted for the Sox or the Angels in the AL last year and the Rockies in the NL. Well my number one pick this year is………

I am rooting for the Rays! I don’t care who wins the Al Central, if they aren’t the Tigers I hope they go down in flames~! The Rays remind me alot of my beloved ’06 Tigers in a lot of ways and I hope they do it. My back up plan in the AL is the Red Sox.  In the NL my hopes are pinned on the Brew Crew and the Cubbies.

As for the Tigers, make some changes for petes sake, and we will see ya next year……sheeeeesh!