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Hitler Was A Vegetarian

March 10, 2009

Oh boy this could be a long one………

Saturday was a good day. In fact the entire week was saved by Saturday. Jenny and I went to see Watchmen~!


Despite there not being a trailer for Star Trek in front of it (more on that in a second) it was a fantastic experience. The movie was everything I had hoped for and maybe more. The focus on character and the way they were able to stay true to the story and adapt as much as they did in the time allowed was incredible to me. The one thing I worried about most was Jenny as an outsider to the book and film and her enjoyment. Most of the critical review said outsiders won’t get it, and as it turns out that couldn’t have been further from the truth. She loved it as well, she even figured out the existence of Adrian Veidt’s pet Bubastis in it’s minute and a half of screen time. I should also mention that Jackie Earle Haley was magnificent as Rorschach!

I should also make mention of how great the opening credits were. Set to a fantastic Bob Dylan tune, the credits managed to cover all of the back story without much explanation later on. Even if you didn’t know who the characters are at the start most of those images are explained later on.

Speaking of the Star Trek trailer that I was disappointed I didn’t get to see on the silver screen…. It hit the net on Friday and it is without a doubt THE BEST Trek trailer in it’s long film history.

That brings us to yesterday and the return of House!


And it was worth the wait. I had tweeted earlier on my Twitter account that I thought the show was good but not blow away. Well it didn’t end up as a blow away episode but it was certainly better than good! I like the way this show is going and as per usually I hope it never stops.

Heroes was pretty decent as well, but it looks like we are having a bigger episode next week. The stuff with Sylar and his Dad started good but I didn’t think it was a very good pay off in the end. Right now I’m kind of hot and cold with the show but I am willing to see how it pays off.

Time to start shopping for gifts! Kayla’s birthday is on April 4th, and Jenny has her birthday on May 10th! It’s also Mommy Day so it looks like I will be embellishing on the love of my life a bit more then usual…..Lucky her!



December 15, 2008

So the trip to Frankenmuth was actually pretty okay. Dinner was fine and Bronners is always awesome to visit. I can’t imagine what it must be like to work there, just an overwhelming number of people in there at any given time.

Kayla spent Saturday night at my parents place and Jenny and I watched some movies. Sunday was uneventful for the most part. This has a lot to with the fact that I had two final projects to take care of, once I did that I watched some Scrubs and went to bed.

I started my two new classes today and introduction to ACCOUNTING~! and Philosophy. I am really excited for the Philsophy class, not so much for the self proclaimed MAZE OF NUMBERS!


Oh yes today also happens to be my 27th birthday. It is more famously known as the start of the official ten day countdown to Christmas. My parents got me a great new jacket. I desperately needed one so that’s great……. I have been told there may be a cake in my future so we shall see.

Last episode of Heroes for the year 2008 occurs tonight, it is suppose to wrap up the “Villians” volume leading into the new “Fugitives” volume. I hope this wraps up well.


Extenuating Circumstances

December 11, 2008

As we draw closer and close to Christmas the weeks get bussier and bussier. Heroes and House were on. This was a good break from things I must say.


Heroes was pretty darn good this week. I do believe it is coming back next Monday which is more then I can say for House…….. I was under the guise that this was the blowoff to the “Villians” volume leading into to volume four, but I was aparrently incorrect.


House was damned excellent! Everything from House not even opening Wilsons gift from last year to Foreman and 13 hooking the fuck up, to House telling a woman she was going to give the first ever virgin birth as a “good deed” to save her fiance from the fact that she cheated on him. House is great, the fact that I must wait until January to watch more is no less then the crime of century!

My birthday is in four days, I am cautiously looking forward to it knowing what I know from last year. As in previous years we are going to Frankenmuth for an EPIC celebration, good food, and family. Xmas is a mere two weeks away!