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That Ball Saves Lives!

December 3, 2008

So we put up the tree. It is huge! I honestly was not expecting it to be so freakin’ big, it’s really nice though. We are officially up to and over asses in debt right now. No wonder why so many people are depressed during the Holidays. I have no idea if we will ever get out of it. The bad thing is that it’s not really that much, it’s like $1,500 in debt and we won’t climb out of it for like four months, that is how poor we are.

At least we had Heroes………


Apparently I am the only one who still likes this show. It seems like everyone went from loving it to hating it pretty quickly which sucks. I still enjoy every episode. Apparently the ratings have tanked for the show and a lot of people do not expect it to be around for a fourth season. What a shame.

Well we had House as well……


House was god damned excellent once again! I am so overly happy about this show. This show is on some kind of hot streak. I can’t remember the last episode that even had minor issues with it’s been THAT GOOD! May it never end! Xmas episode next week~!

And a message from Kayla to close it out!