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History Has Been Made, My World Has Changed II

December 28, 2008

scoreboard_081228Somehow the Lions have managed to finally do it. Most Lion fans would tell you that it’s been building up to this for a long time. Despite the fact that the Lions made NFL history by becoming the first team to ever go 0-15 surpasing the Bucs from their first season in the 70’s when they went 0-14 (the league has since added two games).

The Lions officially capped it off by going 0-16 today in a loss to the Packers. I will be honest. I was hoping for the loss, if your going to go down you might as well go down in a big way. That being said I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down when they lost. I feel bad for a team that has had to deal with really really really really really really bad management over the last few years.

This years team tried I honestly think they went out there and gave it their all. They were just out manned and out gunned every single week. And it is a culmination of all the bad management moves over the last several seasons.

I sincearly hope that the team can make good on the draft picks they are given. And hopefully now that they have hit the absolute bottom that they can start clawing their way back to something respectable.


It Was Worth It

December 28, 2008

So Christmas has come and gone. Jen and I are taking the tree down tomorrow. The heavy debt stuff really sucks but it was worth it to see how much Kayla enjoyed everything. Grandma and grandpa Arnold got her a purple Scooter~! and a Barbie Car. We got her some books, movies, DS games, and that Hannah Montana Guitar Hero game. My parents got her the Barbie Dream House she wanted ever so much all year. The look on her face was worth the wait. Pictures to follow at the end of the post.

If you wander by here and happen to be a fan of House MD I recently made a video covering my two favorite episodes thus far “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart”. I’ve made plenty of videos in my day but never one based off of a TV show. you can download it @:

If you also wander by here and you use TWITTER I now have an account. If you want to follow me feel free to @:

Last week the Lions went to a historic 0-15~! No team in NFL history has ever had a record that bad. They look to further that history by going 0-16 in Green Bay tomorrow, I shall be watching!

Christmas Pix:



Return Of The Son Of Christmas Blog!

November 28, 2008

As I do every year after Thanksgiving the Christmas theme has been dusted off and put back in to service.

Thanksgiving was excellent yesterday! Jen’s Mom always breaks out the best stuff and this particular year was no differet. Everything was great! Out of the SEVEN PIES available I stuck to good ol’ Apple (with my favorite [Cherry] not being on a the selections list).

Today I picked up some new cloths via some Black Friday holiday interweb shopping~!

Putting up the tree today and I couldn’t be more excited to do it. Christmas time is the best time to be sure!

Thanksgiving Day parade was also lots of fun to watch, the Lions game was also fun to watch but for entirely different reasons. Indeed it was an EPIC FAIL on the Lions part, but entertaining none the less.