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March 28, 2009

No House on Monday……..grrrrrr……Heroes was pretty decent however, one of the better episodes this season I would even say. FINALLY got to see Scrubs again and oooohhhh maaaannn was it a good episode. This season has been unbelievable when it comes to the funny scale. I wouldn’t even know where to begin…….

A whole lot of nothing else happened this week. Jen and I did get to see Changeling on Blu-Ray. We hadn’t seen it since we went to check it out in the theater. I just get glued to the screen watching that flick.

Oh yeah and I recently cemented my path as the nerdiest person I know….. I finally got all seven season of Star Trek: Voyager~!


This officially gives every season of every Start Trek ever plus all of the movies. To top it off I have and am continuing to watch all of it in chronological order! Right now I am on season seven of TNG and season two of DSS9.

The Epic Anniversary show was tonight. All I can say is that it blew away all of my expectations. I think it was easily our best show top to bottom and it had a little bit of everything on it. I got to meet some really classy and just flat out awesome people tonight as well. Thanks for making it my favorite wrestling related day ever in history!



March 4, 2009

Well the start of this week has sucked.

No House this week. This is always a sign that the week ahead will be shitty. Heroes was pretty decent, although I can’t really be anymore positive than that as I am still reeling from not getting to see House.

Well at least I had a new set of Scrubs episodes to watch……WTF! Scrubs was shows repeats?!@? WHY?!? The show has been prempted like six times by the president you’d think they would have a back log of new epsidoes just waiting to air!

Also…HEY! All the work I put into the Epic 1 Year Anniversary Show has been for nothing. GREAT!

The only good news I got was that I passed both of my last classes. I am starting a US History Class and Economic Theory.

Jen and I are going to see WATCHMEN~! this Saturday so hopefully that saves this waste of a week…….. Ugggggggg


The Night Of Good Impressions

January 18, 2009

The Epic show went pretty well. We had an okay draw and sold quite a lot of DVD’s so that’s always cool. For an extremely low budget operation we aren’t in bad shape. Match wise everything was pretty good. I really enjoyed the show in general, can’t wait to dig into the video tomorrow.

Not a lot else going on at the moment. I need to kick the “eating better” thing into high gear. I’m sick of eating crappy food that in the end makes me feel crappy.

We are paying off some bills today….hoooray! Okay so I’m not so excited about spending the money on bills but what are ya gonna do…..?

Scrubs tomorrow night and then the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday. I don’t think I’ve ever watched one before so it should definitely be an experience.



January 14, 2009

Have I had this as a blog title before? Okay sort of yes. Completely different circumstances though. You see Scrubs was on last night!

JD and Elliot returned to their persuit of romantic involvement with eachother. Is this yet another Scrubs tease? Will JD find a way to fuck it all up? Or do they finally commit and go through it? I was questioning weather or not it actually had any meaning anymore because they waited so long to do it. The answer was….YES still had some meaning as Jen and I both said “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” in that way when you see a sickenling cute kitten or puppy or baby monkey.

Not much else really going on. Epic has it’s first show of 2009 this Friday. I will be sure to write about how that all went. Next week House returns to the small screen and I ca’nt wait! By the way I am still totally hooked on Twitter! Follow me if you read this. The link is on the right hand side of the screen.


Steak Night!

January 8, 2009

It’s been a few days but there really has not been a lot action out in these parts. This is why I love Twitter so much. I can blog about all of the things to small or unimportant to actually place in a blog entry.

Scrubs came back last night and in doing so brought forth it’s greatness to once again shed light on a dim and cruel world.

I mean this is likely the last season with the full cast and I must say i was really happy with the not one but TWO episodes that aired last night with the second being the better of the two. Did anyone actually think JD and Turk were going out to Steak Night instead of hangin’ with george?  I do hope to see more with Kelso though. I want to marry Ted.

In other news the promotion has apparently picked up a new sponsor today in Modern Age Media. It’s a shop here in Bay City that deals comic books, cards, and also rents DVDs and games. Pretty sweet deal. We will be selling tickets through them starting with our next event.

We started back with School yesterday as well. All is quiet on the homework front until tomorrow. I must also decide on what I want to do for my Philosophy final a tough choice to be sure. None the less I am soooooooooooo looking forward to it.


2009 Or “Three More Years Till Apocalypse”

January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully we can start it off good and end it good. I should probably god back and look at the New Years post from 2008 to see how that year started. Be right back…….

GREAT! Now I remember. Jen was just starting classes and Journeyman was canceled. Well nothing that tragic has happened just yet so so far, so good.

I watched Wanted yesterday. It stars James Mc…….well never mind Angelina Joile is in it and she shows some behind.


Now lets not that get in the way of this flick. Yeah she is hot but the movie is damn good. Pretty good story and an awesome performance by Morgan Freeman. Breathtaking special effects as well. A very cool movie I must say, worth picking up.

In sports new the Pistons are rolling along okay, this hasn’t been their best season in my opinion but they are not doing to bad. Red Wings continue to kick some ass.


Today they beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the Winter Classic 6-3. The game was played outside in Chicago at Wrigley Field. It was quite an awesome sight to see a hockey game out doors for a change. Really good game as well. The Wings were down early 3-1 but came back in a big way.

New Epic show is coming my way in about 15 days. I am with holding reservations about how well we will do. After the last show I am keeping my expectations low.


Less Than Expected

October 27, 2008

That pretty much sums up how I felt about the show on Friday night. I’m sure there are some things that play in to all of this. The current economic environment sucks, and the fact that we had to change the show wasn’t a help either. We had our smaller crowd since the first show, and while everyone was pretty much into the show, it was certainly a let down. The plus side is that we sold out our stock of DVD’s from the last show, so we had extra money to put forth the next show which appears to be in early December.

The show itself in the ring was pretty good. Maybe the best in ring show we’ve done. I am still hoping that the look of the shows increases, something just seemed “off” the whole night for me.

In unrelated news, the Rays are down 3-1 to the Phillies. It appears that I will be 0-3 in my WS picks since 2006. Worst! At least Heroes is on tonight, I have that to look forward to.