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And It Goes On!

March 10, 2010

Sometimes (I think you’ll find) that things in your life seem to be balancing. They aren’t really great, but they aren’t really bad either. I am really starting to get that feeling right now. There are some good things, some not so good things. Right now things are starting to feel better.

One interesting thing that happened was my Dad getting into the Bay City Times AND The Saginaw News.

What he nor I were expecting is that it would be front page news. He had been unemployed for well over a year, and sent out well over 400 applications and never received so much as a call back let alone an interview. He’s actually going back to school to learn a new craft (which I commend him for, but it makes me sad that he should even have to). Everyone (including the writer and the photographer of the story) was hoping that this would result in work for him. Fortunately he found a part time time job at MBS Airport. He can still collect unemployment and go back to school, and knowing the hard worker my Dad is he will be back on his feet in no time and kiss that unemployment goodbye!

In other good news, Spring Training has begun in Florida and Arizona! Of course this means I get to watch my beloved Tigers take the field again, it also means Opening Day isn’t far away!

Seeing Johnny Damon in an Old English D is going to take some getting use to, but I think I’ll make it. I watched their first televised game on the MLB Network. It was a 9-5 win for the D and it was very cool to see Maggs ripping the ball again. I was also really impressed by the youngster Austin Jackson. It should be a really interesting year!

That being said, I am also eagerly awaiting the arrival of MLB 10: The Show. I didn’t think they could improve upon what was already the best baseball game I’ve ever played but it looks like they’ve done it! Hell they even have Verlander’s proper wind-up this year~!

I also recently watch Up in the Air with George Clooney. I learned something from this movie. I need to stop judging a book by its cover.

Upon seeing trailers for this movie I was totally uninterested at first. I read a lot of great reviews, saw that Clooney was up for an Oscar, but still it didn’t make much difference to me weather I saw it or not. Out of sheer boredom I decided to give it a watch, and boy was I surprised. This movie deserves any and all hype it got and Clooney deserved the acting nod that he was given. Go out and see it! It’s rare to see such a great dramatic film that manages to mix in comedy but keep it serious.


Glaringly Bad Plot-Holes

January 31, 2010

This is as good a way to describe things lately. A good movie or television script would have its writers trying their hardest to make sure there weren’t any. Such can not be said about my world lately. Things should be going good, in fact much better then they are. Jenny and I have a new baby on the way, I am getting some web work on the site to earn a little extra money for us, but things still feel pretty bad.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is most definitely some kind of  negative vibe-ish/karma-y type things lingering around. It could be that I am nowhere close to losing the kind of weight I was hoping for, maybe its that my Dad has been unemployed for over a year now, I don’t know.

Either way, I am trying to keep busy. I recently watched the new Sherlock Holmes movieand The Men Who Stare At Goats.

I completely loved “Holmes” I actually enjoyed some of the Sherlock stories long before I knew there was to be a new movie made. I was easily suckered into this because of my love for House MD, and as soon as I heard they tried to update Holmes with more House like banter (House and Wilson obviously modeled after Holmes and Watson) I was on board for this one and it didn’t disappoint.  Don’t let the trailer fool you, it’s not a balls-to-the-wall action as it makes it seem.

“Goats” was funny and had its moments, it also had a stellar cast, but at the end of the movie I never really felt all that connected to it. I would say that it is woth a watch though.

Speaking of watching things, the new season of House has been quite good. I stopped watching Heroes all together this year. Things went down hill following the first season (which was awesome), but after that things turned sour a bit, and each season got worse and worse to the point where I just stopped watching. However I was pleasantly surprised at the new season of Scrubs. I am loving the new cast, and it keeps the right balance of old characters in there as well to make it still “feel” like the old show.

Hopefully if I go to bed right now, I can sleep until spring training starts. Yeeeesssss, the Tigers traded away Granderson (my favorite player) but I will in fact keep watching them despite that last factual nugget.


That’s Me

December 30, 2008

So yesterday I watched “The Wrestler”. The film is getting a lot of Oscar buzz and it’s based on pro wrestling which I have a love/hate relationship with.


If you love pro wrestling this is a must watch. If you are a movie fan it is also a must watch. The movie rang incredibly real and true to me. The acting was really really good. I was very impressed. The character of Randy “The Ram” really hit close to home for me. I see myself in the same light that his daughter sees him.

I was impressed overall with the way everything was done from the writing to the shooting to the edting. I certainly hope it gets some nominations from the Academy.


Yeah….I’m Jumping On

November 20, 2008

That’s right! I am jumping on the Tropic Thunder Bandwagon!


I guess I was just get of “ho-hum” about the movie, but when I got a chance to check it our for free I usually don’t pass that sort of thing up. The movie was hilarious from start to finish. And not only did I tolerate Tom Cruise in this movie I actually loved him. The movies is now on the “to buy list”.

Heroes on Monday was also quite good.


I will freely admit that I’m kind of uncertain where they are going for the first in their three year run. A lot of things came together, but a lot of things were kind of confusing. I am willing to tough it out though and see if they can make up for the confusion by tiying it all together.

House was very good……..


It was kind of a patient oriented show and a little less about the characters this time around, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a show like that. It was defintely good just not as good as the other episodes so far this season. The next episode looks to be on of the “crazy House” episodes where something on the wrong side of unbelieveable happens, those shows are usually really good though.

Oh yeah……….the new Star Trek trailer finally came out…………….AND IT IS EPIC!


Frosted Like A Cake

November 10, 2008

Things have been pretty quiet on the home front. Most of our time has been spent cleaning up the house the rest of the way and watching some movies.

We all wacthed Kung Fu Panda together.kung-fu-panda-movie-021

We all liked it quite a bit. I can’t get enough of these new kids movies. They have really tapped in to something that keeps the kids entertained and us as well. A few weeks ago we actually got Kayla a Kung Fu Panda responsibility chart and it’s one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.

We downloaded the remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth.


I was not expecting much out of this and was rather pleasantly surprised. It’s nothing that I’d buy personally but it was fun enough for a once over. Kayla seemed to like it for a while but then lost interest. Jen and I toughed it out in full though and had a pretty good time watching it.

Friday night we went out to eat at Applebees with my parents. It was the first time I had ever been there oddly enough. Everything was pretty good I’d have to say.

Today Jen and I went to go see Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the latest magnum opus from Kevin Smith.


I don’t know where I would place this in the pantheon of Kevin Smith films, but I really enjoyed it. As big of a KS fan as I am I guess I’m not as big of one as I thought. I realized today that this was the first Smith film I’ve actually seen on the big screen. Well it was a good first time. I thought it was definitely the most vulgar of his films visually, not verbally, but it defintely had the nicest ending of them all short of Clerks II.