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Where No Blog Has Blogged Before

May 17, 2009

Yes I have realized that it has been nearly a month since my last post. I guess there has really been that little going on in my life. Still recovering from foot surgery number two. I head back for another check up on the 26th.

I did have the great pleasure of seeing the new Star Trek movie and that has really been a highlight for me.


In a word the movie was “awesome”! I grew up with my parents who told me stories about how they watched TOS everyday when they came home from school. So I very much grew up on Trek. The first Trek I ever saw was The Search For Spock and The Voyage Home. Of course I grew up on The Next Generation and I was a bit of a closet Trek junkie. Since those years I have come out of the closet. Matter of fact I am nearning the completion of a Star Trek odyssey that began late last year. I have watched every single episode of every series and movie in chronological order! I just have Season 7 of Voyager and the Nemesis movie left to go. So it is a safe bet to say that I am a die hard Trek fan.

I was excited to hear that a new movie was being made I was less excited to hear it was going to be Kirk and Spock in college. But I gave it shot albeit a small one. That’s how it started. I was trepidacious at first but I grew more and more excited the more I read, heard, and saw from the movie. By the time 2009 rolled around I was really looking forward to it.

It is obvious the new creative team wanted to appeal to their inner nerd but also wanted to reach out to the mainstream audience. The last 40 years of Star Trek have been incredible for me but that formula is dead, and it has been proven in the box office and in the TV ratings. New things HAD to be done in order to bring Trek back. Yes, there will be people who think they should have left Trek where it was even if it meant no more new content.

I found it hard to believe that the reports I heard were true. This new Trek was different but REALLY familiar. After watching it I found out what that meant. This is most definitely Star Trek but it’s also been done in a whole new way that DOES NOT destroy what came before it. I will touch on that in a second. I certainly think the new cast really pulled it off. Perfectly cast, and everyone did a great job of walking in the foot prints of those who came before them. Nobody can ever replace Shatner, Nimoy, and DeForest but Pine, Quinto, and Urban did a great job of honoring them without imitating them. Urban literally channeled DK at times and sans the accent he was a perfect choice.

As far as following cannon….. It most certainly does. Also it doesn’t which is the beauty of this reboot. The villain and original Spock come from the future 8 years following the events of the last TNG movie, they go back in time and the past is altered. After that the writers are free to change what they want.

Let me just say that the original time line of Star Trek IS NOT ERASED! Think Back to the Future.


Marty and Doc Brown existed in their time line much like Nero and Spock (Prime). When Doc and Marty went back in time Marty did something that changed the future. It created an alternate time line. Essentially life is full of choices and one theory states that for every possible choice there is an alternate reality where that choice is made instead of the one you chose. If you’ll notice on the chalk board the original time line doesn’t vanish Marty and Doc simply are no longer in it, they are trapped in the alternate time line created by Marty’s actions. Luckily they had a time machine. They went back in time before the mistake was made, they fixed it and Marty and Doc were restored to their normal time line as a result (having never altered the past).

The same has happened here. Nero and Spock (Prime) have changed the past and created an alternate time line. The original remains intact, except nobody goes back in time to stop the original incursion and therefore we stay in the new time line. Much like how Marty and Doc were the only ones to notice the difference so are Nero and Spock (Prime).

Yes there are a few things to nitpick over but most of it can be brushed aside with some logical fannon (aka filling in the blanks yourself). At the end of the day Trek has been reborn, and it is back and it could be better than ever. This new movie is an origin story and it has the pitfalls of one. You have to spend the whole movie telling the stories of the characters, but it sets up some good story telling for the sequels.

In other news I am burned out on Epic and wrestling in general these days. It might just be that I am in a crummy mood in general as a result of the surgery and being forced to esstianlly live in my living room for the last year and a half. The Tigers are in first place and kicking some ass this year. Rookie pitcher Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, and Edwin Jackson are really throwing the ball well. Brandon Inge is having an incredible season thus far. Plus the Red Wings are heading towards the Western Conference Finals tonight vs. The Blackhawks! A good time for Michigan sports so long as you ignore the Lions and Pistons.


Going Boldly!

November 12, 2008

Heroes and House returns! Just one of the many great and awesome things that occur following the end of the political debate at large!


This was the flashback episode I was hoping to see. The did one during the first season which I thought was awesome, this flashback episode showed us more of the “before it all happened” stuff and tied some more events together, it also tied in some events from the first season which was EXCELLENT!


House was also really awesome. I hope this show has not peaked, it’s in a holding pattern right now, but it’s one of greatness where every episode is just so good. This has been a great follow up to season four! They keep teasing that House might in fact have some feelings for his boss lady. We shall see!

Also the new look 1701 Enterprise from the new JJ Abrams flick has been released.


To me it rings true to me as a Trek fan. Yes it looks a little different but I am expecting a different movie, I am over excited to see footage in the new trailer that is coming out on Monday. As I type this I am listening to the score from Star Trek II which is music that just embodies Star Trek to me, and this new ship looks right to me, Monday cannot come soon enough!


On the Eve Of All Things Hallow

October 29, 2008

Slowly approaching Halloween. Kayla hasn’t had the best behavior recently, she is currently on the road to earning her Tick-or-Treat rights back. Assuming she does that, Jen and I are going to see Clint Eastwood’s “Changeling”. We wanted to see it last week, that was before I realized it opened in limited release last week, it opes in wide release on Friday.

Heroes was awesome on Monday. More twists and turns this week, but the pieces are starrting to come together. I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out, but from the first season they have used this “the world is ending” catch all storyline that has encompassed everything they’ve done so far. I am hoping to see something different for the rest of the season, or at the very least looking forward to something new in season four.

Why there aren’t more people talking about House is beyond me. Tonights episode was soooooooo good. This show seems to go to a new level each and every season. Seiing what becomes of a possible House/Cuddy relationship is of high interest to me.  It pains me to wait two weeks for a new episode!


‘Star Trek’: New Movie, New Vision

October 16, 2008

Aboard a monstrous and gloomy interstellar cruiser — part Death Star, part Mordor — the man who would be the next captain of the starship Enterprise finds himself under fire from bald, blue-tatted alien brawlers. At the moment, James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), the hotheaded, horndog hero of Star Trek, is still a fresh-faced space cadet. At his side is his young half-human, half-Vulcan BFF, Spock (Zachary Quinto), looking quintessentially Spocky with his black bowl cut, slanting eyebrows, and blue smock. Here on the set of director J.J. Abrams‘ $150 million bid to bring Gene Roddenberry‘s beloved sci-fi world back to the big screen, the two geek pop icons have infiltrated a Romulan warcraft only to see their mission explode into a raging phaser fight. No longer are their signature Trek weapons boxy plastic toys, but sleek silver gizmos with spring-triggered barrels that revolve and glow in the transition from ”stun” to ”kill.” Problem is, every time Kirk raises his newfangled ray gun, the barrel revolves too early. Or too late. Or not at all. Giggles and unprintable curses fly. Someone lightens the mood with a quip: ”Most illogical, captain.”



Mmmm House, Ba Duba Dop Ba Du House

October 15, 2008

RAYS WIN AGAIN! Gettin’ closer to that World Series birth. In other news there is nothing else to report on.

Oh right……House

It was fucking awesome! Best episode thus far in the young season. House will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to countiue his war against all things un-cool. Plus house and Wilson are once again good chums as it should be forever.

Oh I should note that Jenny and I watched Hancock the other night.

This would be the Will Smith super hero flick. I thought it was suprisingly okay. I wasn’t overly excited to see it, but I think in the end I liked it, not sure if it’s something I’d want to buy on DVD though. Maybe another run through will help me decide.  Speaking of movies, we watched Iron Man again, it still rules life, we are checking out the new Incredible Hulk flick, it seems promising. We are also gonna check out The Happening. I doubt I will be enjoying that one however.