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No Flash Photography

February 4, 2009

I couldn’t find a lot of pictures for this posting. Okay the truth is there would be to many so I am just leaving it as plain ol’ text.  Back to last Saturday.

Okay one picture……. I couldn’t resist…..sorry.


That’s the new TV we picked up. Got a new stand and a Blu-Ray player as well. Let’s just get this out of the way now….. I LOVE BLU-RAY!!!!!

Most of Sunday was spent in front of this great TV. Superbowl was fun to watch. Despite the lack of cable and High-Def.

House brought the goods for it’s 100th episode! I was expecting some sort of major plot direction but apparently it was just wrapping up some on going stories leading into some new ones.


Darn! Another picture! Heroes returned and I was actually really happy with this new direction the show is taking. I’m still going with a “wait and see” kind of feeling on the show. It has it’s ups and downs and hopefully the show is starting to pick up steam again.

Scrubs was a lot of fun tonight. I am really enjoying the season so far, even if nothing has really stood out for me.  Gah I guess that’s it for now. Here’s to me having something to write about other than TV shows and movies.


Fire And Rain

January 29, 2009

Work and school have pretty much kept me away from the blog. The good news is that there hasn’t been much going on.  Jen and I watched a good episode of House on Monday.


The look on that babies face is insanely priceless! A spinoff show where House is charged with taking care on a young infant would equal ratings! The episode itself was pretty darn good but it looks like they are going for a big episode next Monday and I can’t wait! Heroes also returns that day as well! WIN!

I’d have a picture of the recent Scrubs episode except the people that run the web site are severely lacking in the motivation department apparently. Anyway, Scrubs was great! The first episode alone had what felt like an endless supply of Sesame Street cameos. My personal favorite was Oscar the Grouch as the Chief of Medicine.

I got a pretty big pell check the other day as well. It was not expected but defitnely welcomed. We are paying off the credit cards and scoring ourselves and HD TV and some Blu-Ray goodness!

In the bummer news for this post, Kayla has been struggling socially at school and it seems to get worse every week. We are taking her to get tested for ADHD. We hope that it is not the case but the situation is starting to get out of hand and we need to eliminate or confirm this as a possibility.