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Yup….This Sucks

February 25, 2009


The House/Heroes double shot on Monday once again brought the goods. House continues to tease something big happening but nothing has so far. So either they have something massive planned for the end of season five or they don’t have a lot of ideas. The season has been good but a bit of a down grade from season four.

Heroes continues to be sturdy with it’s story. I like where it’s going for the most part. I remain skeptical about weather or not they are rehashing the plot of the first season.

I caught whatever it was that Jen had. It sucks to have it, I am not a fan. I hate being sick. I am actually feeling better today, but not by a large margin or anything.

Scrubs wasn’t on AGAIN last night thatnks to a presidential address. It was a good address, but COME ON! Leave Scrubs alone!

Finals for my Accounting and Philosophy classes are due on Sunday…… I can only hope that I feel better before I have to finish them up.

I should also mention that Jen invited my parents over for dinner on Sunday, and she made THE BEST POT ROAST EVER! Don’t mess with crock pot food it will kick your ass!


Steak Night!

January 8, 2009

It’s been a few days but there really has not been a lot action out in these parts. This is why I love Twitter so much. I can blog about all of the things to small or unimportant to actually place in a blog entry.

Scrubs came back last night and in doing so brought forth it’s greatness to once again shed light on a dim and cruel world.

I mean this is likely the last season with the full cast and I must say i was really happy with the not one but TWO episodes that aired last night with the second being the better of the two. Did anyone actually think JD and Turk were going out to Steak Night instead of hangin’ with george?  I do hope to see more with Kelso though. I want to marry Ted.

In other news the promotion has apparently picked up a new sponsor today in Modern Age Media. It’s a shop here in Bay City that deals comic books, cards, and also rents DVDs and games. Pretty sweet deal. We will be selling tickets through them starting with our next event.

We started back with School yesterday as well. All is quiet on the homework front until tomorrow. I must also decide on what I want to do for my Philosophy final a tough choice to be sure. None the less I am soooooooooooo looking forward to it.



December 15, 2008

So the trip to Frankenmuth was actually pretty okay. Dinner was fine and Bronners is always awesome to visit. I can’t imagine what it must be like to work there, just an overwhelming number of people in there at any given time.

Kayla spent Saturday night at my parents place and Jenny and I watched some movies. Sunday was uneventful for the most part. This has a lot to with the fact that I had two final projects to take care of, once I did that I watched some Scrubs and went to bed.

I started my two new classes today and introduction to ACCOUNTING~! and Philosophy. I am really excited for the Philsophy class, not so much for the self proclaimed MAZE OF NUMBERS!


Oh yes today also happens to be my 27th birthday. It is more famously known as the start of the official ten day countdown to Christmas. My parents got me a great new jacket. I desperately needed one so that’s great……. I have been told there may be a cake in my future so we shall see.

Last episode of Heroes for the year 2008 occurs tonight, it is suppose to wrap up the “Villians” volume leading into the new “Fugitives” volume. I hope this wraps up well.