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The Blog Debate

June 20, 2009

So I log in here and I realize I haven’t had anything decent to say since before the Stanley Cup. Well that didn’t go so well. The Red Wings lost in seven games.

Fathers Days is tomorrow and I got some pretty cool things. My Mom and Dad scored me the Star Trek collectors cups from BK, very cool! Jenny got me a really sweet Tigers shirt, and new pair of jeans, and a pretty swanky watch. You know I like because I would normally never a word like “swanky”.

Anyway things have been slow, and boring, I found Twitter a more useful tool for my day by day ramblings. I have been debating about shutting down updates here all together in favor of Tweets. That would see this blog go the way of my old Live Journal. I remain undecided, perhaps things will clear up sooner than later in the “nothing going on” department. We shall see.


Walking The Walk

May 30, 2009

Well I got the nod from my Doctor to start walking with the walker once again. This is taking place earlier then it did last time and I am hoping that is a good sign. So far everything is feeling okay and I will endeavor to keep my head up.

Other wise there is not a lot of noteworthy events taking place. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of video games, watching movies and so on….. There hasn’t been much to do other than that I’m sorry to say. I managed to watch the entire Star Trek library. It took several months but I have watched everything in chronological order.  So that is from the Enterprise pilot “Broken Bow” to the last Next Generation “Nemesis”.

Now I am going through all nine season of Seinfeld. I am currently on Season 5.

Sports wise the Tigers are doing okay. They are still holding on to 1st place. Barring some craziness later in the season it appears that they are in a good position to make the playoffs this year! Speaking of the playoffs, the Red Wings have been incredible once again this year. The Stanley Cup Finals start tonight and just like last year it’s the Wing and the Pens!