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You Could Have Been President. Fuck You.

October 20, 2008

The weekend has come and gone. The foot is feeling slightly better, day by day. We finally erased all debt today! YES~! Finally things are not looking as shitty as they once were.

Yesterday Jenny and I took Kayla to my parents place for the day. Jenny and myself also went to see W. with my brother.

This was a darn good movie. It’s going to do horrible box office though. It was a pretty unbiased and straight laced look at at his life. It was most definately a character study, and humanized “W”. You certainly felt like he would be a fun guy to hang out with, and there are points where you certainly feel for him, and yet this is not done to such an extent where it really excuses him or the people he surrounded him with.

Oh yeah and what’s this????

RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! Now on to the World Series where the Phillies now face the curse of the well rested team. The Tigers were well rested in 2006 after demolishing the Yankess and A’s only to be squashed by the Cards (who played a long hard series with the Mets and got virtually no break). Last year the Rockies dominated the first two rounds only to lose to the Red Sox who got virtually no break after beating the Indians. Fortuantely for me the team on the positive side of this curse is the team I a rooting for this year!


Mmmm House, Ba Duba Dop Ba Du House

October 15, 2008

RAYS WIN AGAIN! Gettin’ closer to that World Series birth. In other news there is nothing else to report on.

Oh right……House

It was fucking awesome! Best episode thus far in the young season. House will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to countiue his war against all things un-cool. Plus house and Wilson are once again good chums as it should be forever.

Oh I should note that Jenny and I watched Hancock the other night.

This would be the Will Smith super hero flick. I thought it was suprisingly okay. I wasn’t overly excited to see it, but I think in the end I liked it, not sure if it’s something I’d want to buy on DVD though. Maybe another run through will help me decide.  Speaking of movies, we watched Iron Man again, it still rules life, we are checking out the new Incredible Hulk flick, it seems promising. We are also gonna check out The Happening. I doubt I will be enjoying that one however.


The Corner Lives!?

October 14, 2008

So I finished up my last set of classes. Introduction to Business and Research Writing. I struggled with the business class, I got a “C”. The research class grades are not in yet, but I should be getting a “B” or “B-” which is fitting in with about all of my classes thus far, a “B” average is about 900% better then I did in High School. My new courses are Cultural Diversity, and Enviromental Science.

Heroes was really good last night. Not that you would expect me to say anything different. The twisties and the turnies keep coming. It it however becoming more obvious who is on what side. Mr. Petrelli: Leader of the dark side?

Oh hey……………………GO RAYS~!

I don’t care who wins in the National League. It will proably be the Phillies, who cares? GO RAYS! Oh and speaking of Baseball, and the title of the blog while we’re at it………..THE CORNER LIVES~!


What It Takes

October 7, 2008

First things first, the doctor appointment couldn’t have gone better. I am now walking in my boot without the walker. Progress is slow, and it still hurts alot, but the pain is decreasing day by day.

Heroes was really good last night.

As I said in my last post, this is where the show traditionally picks up, and I think it did just that. This is the making of one hell of a great season, I can feel it.

No House tonight, the most suck.

In the baseball department both teams that I wanted to win the NL got their asses handed to them (Brewers, and Cubs). On the other hand both teams in the AL were awesome (Red Sox, Rays). So atleast one of the teams I’m rooting for will end up in the World Series. Right now I am still rooting for the Rays to take it all. Should they falter then I’m all for back to back Red Sox championships.

In the donwer news of the week, Kayla is having problems at school. She’s an impulsive kid, and just doesn’t know how to keep it in check. Hope for the best, is all we can do I suppose. I’m a little lost at what to do here.


Show Must Go On!

September 30, 2008

So there are a few things going on, lets write em’ down shall we?

Today is yet another doctor appoint down to Ann Arbor. Hopefully I am progressing well, and I will continue to get some good news. Even for visits like these (simple ones) I never fail to get nervous (freaked out) right before the trip.

I FINALLY got my latest in a seris of Pell Grant checks from school. This is only good in that I can now pay off my parents, and the credit card bill, it’s not due until the 13th, but why not pay it off early?

Heroes again last night!

The show continues its twists and turns. The basic Heroes forumla goes like this. Episodes 1-4 show you a lot of cool stuff, twist and turn things, confuse the hell out of you, and leave you with a decent, to excellent cliff hanger leading to the next episode. Then episodes 5-14 usually give you the tie ins to explain the other stuff in the previous episodes, then the story takes off and you end up with a pretty cool half a season. Sylar as HRG’s partner was really awesome!

Well the Tiger’s season is officially over. The almost had a four game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays, but they lost their last home game of the season, and then they lost the make up game against the hated White Sox to end the season in the tank…….dead last…

Well the playoffs are here. I rooted for the Sox or the Angels in the AL last year and the Rockies in the NL. Well my number one pick this year is………

I am rooting for the Rays! I don’t care who wins the Al Central, if they aren’t the Tigers I hope they go down in flames~! The Rays remind me alot of my beloved ’06 Tigers in a lot of ways and I hope they do it. My back up plan in the AL is the Red Sox.  In the NL my hopes are pinned on the Brew Crew and the Cubbies.

As for the Tigers, make some changes for petes sake, and we will see ya next year……sheeeeesh!