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Trying To Pull It Together

November 20, 2009

I would consider today a pretty momentous day. Jenny and I finished up 99.9% of all Christmas shopping a good month before Christmas! Thanksgiving is next week, which means the beginning of the busiest part of the year for us. I may have mentioned it in blogs past but I’ll bring it up again.

Jen and I rotate our Thanksgiving locale every year. Some people prefer the insane method of visitng everyone and having six different dinners. I love Thanksgiving and all but no thank you. We rotate between going to Jen’s parents, my parents, and having it here at home with my parents. To sort this out out you might need a flow chart but I’ve managed to simplify it pretty easily.

Jen’s parents place on Thanksgiving is the ground zero for all family activity on her side of the family. Jen’s Mom has a good 25 or people over year (not including us). They also live a good 10 minutes away from us, so we figure we are giving them a break on the work load to not have to feed three extra mouths, plus we seem them on a pretty regular basis. My parents live out a bit farther away and we don’t see them as often so inviting them over when we have dinner here always seems like a nice thing to do.

After Thanksgiving we are re-arranging  the living room to make room for the Xmas tree and all other Xmas related decorations.  So it’s going to be a busy few weeks leading up to the 25th O’ December.

Jen and I check out Funny People from one Judd Apatow who was behind 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked, ect ect.

Real good movie! Laughed my ass off at a lot of stuff. I thought Eric Bana was really awesome in this, and Adam Sandler works so much better mixing comedy and drama then he ever did with just the comedy in my opinion.  If anyone has not checked this out yet then I highly suggest a viewing or an extra addition to your Xmas lists.

Also watched Drag Me To Hell from Sam Raimi and I was less impressed. Most horror movies do not earn high critical praise and thi one most certainly did. I was told to expect cheese, but that it would be of the good to great variety and I guess I just didn’t see it. I certainly saw in parts of the movie but most of what I saw was the bad kind of cheesy.

On a totally unrelated note I am getting a little worried about my classes. I knew the math classes were coming down the road and I thought I’d be ready for them when they did but so far it is not turning out that way. I have always been a terrible numbers person and it doesn’t help that I find pretty much everything above basic math to be pointless in everyday life. I’m hoping (as the title indicates) that I can pull it all together sooner rather than later as not only do I have to pass these classes but I have to maintain a decent GPA in order to continue my grants.


Return Of The Son Of Christmas Blog!

November 28, 2008

As I do every year after Thanksgiving the Christmas theme has been dusted off and put back in to service.

Thanksgiving was excellent yesterday! Jen’s Mom always breaks out the best stuff and this particular year was no differet. Everything was great! Out of the SEVEN PIES available I stuck to good ol’ Apple (with my favorite [Cherry] not being on a the selections list).

Today I picked up some new cloths via some Black Friday holiday interweb shopping~!

Putting up the tree today and I couldn’t be more excited to do it. Christmas time is the best time to be sure!

Thanksgiving Day parade was also lots of fun to watch, the Lions game was also fun to watch but for entirely different reasons. Indeed it was an EPIC FAIL on the Lions part, but entertaining none the less.


Life On Shuffle

November 24, 2008

We are getting pretty close to Thanksgiving. It’s next Thursday! This year has gona be so quickly for me. The surgery and recovery has really taken up most of my time this year. The good thing is that I am almost over that hurdle. I am back walking in two shoes once again. The whole process really won’t be over until next June, by then we should have a good idea as to how well the effort has really paid off.

Any way….. We are going to Jenny’s parents this year (we alternate between there, here, and my parents). Jen’s Mom makes the biggest dinner ever! Looking forward to the Macy’s Parade. Kayla is more excited than I am but…..I am excited for her….:)

Next Friday (as has become tradition) we will put up the Tree. We got a brand new seven footer for this years festivities.  This of course allows me to blow the virtual dust off of my Trans-Siberian Orchetra collection and enjoy their awesome secltion of Holiday tunage!

School is going well. Well on my way to passing another set of classes. I am exctied! By this time next year I will have my Acssociates Degree in Business!

Reguardless of current events, and the economy I think I have a lot to be thankful for.