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The Corner Lives!?

October 14, 2008

So I finished up my last set of classes. Introduction to Business and Research Writing. I struggled with the business class, I got a “C”. The research class grades are not in yet, but I should be getting a “B” or “B-” which is fitting in with about all of my classes thus far, a “B” average is about 900% better then I did in High School. My new courses are Cultural Diversity, and Enviromental Science.

Heroes was really good last night. Not that you would expect me to say anything different. The twisties and the turnies keep coming. It it however becoming more obvious who is on what side. Mr. Petrelli: Leader of the dark side?

Oh hey……………………GO RAYS~!

I don’t care who wins in the National League. It will proably be the Phillies, who cares? GO RAYS! Oh and speaking of Baseball, and the title of the blog while we’re at it………..THE CORNER LIVES~!