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Glaringly Bad Plot-Holes

January 31, 2010

This is as good a way to describe things lately. A good movie or television script would have its writers trying their hardest to make sure there weren’t any. Such can not be said about my world lately. Things should be going good, in fact much better then they are. Jenny and I have a new baby on the way, I am getting some web work on the site to earn a little extra money for us, but things still feel pretty bad.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is most definitely some kind of  negative vibe-ish/karma-y type things lingering around. It could be that I am nowhere close to losing the kind of weight I was hoping for, maybe its that my Dad has been unemployed for over a year now, I don’t know.

Either way, I am trying to keep busy. I recently watched the new Sherlock Holmes movieand The Men Who Stare At Goats.

I completely loved “Holmes” I actually enjoyed some of the Sherlock stories long before I knew there was to be a new movie made. I was easily suckered into this because of my love for House MD, and as soon as I heard they tried to update Holmes with more House like banter (House and Wilson obviously modeled after Holmes and Watson) I was on board for this one and it didn’t disappoint.  Don’t let the trailer fool you, it’s not a balls-to-the-wall action as it makes it seem.

“Goats” was funny and had its moments, it also had a stellar cast, but at the end of the movie I never really felt all that connected to it. I would say that it is woth a watch though.

Speaking of watching things, the new season of House has been quite good. I stopped watching Heroes all together this year. Things went down hill following the first season (which was awesome), but after that things turned sour a bit, and each season got worse and worse to the point where I just stopped watching. However I was pleasantly surprised at the new season of Scrubs. I am loving the new cast, and it keeps the right balance of old characters in there as well to make it still “feel” like the old show.

Hopefully if I go to bed right now, I can sleep until spring training starts. Yeeeesssss, the Tigers traded away Granderson (my favorite player) but I will in fact keep watching them despite that last factual nugget.


No Scrubs (Sorry TLC, Not About You)

January 21, 2009

House returned on Monday. All was right with the world.


Very good episode I thought. The show is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment though and that’s fine, every episode is still quite good. Just waiting for the next big revelation to come out…..perhaps it will be next week. Speaking of next week…Heroes returns with their new chapter. I am looking forward to what that has in store.

Okay obviously I was an idiot on for some reason thought that Scrubs would be on, it was not. I watched the whole inaguration ceremony though and it was quite a spectacle.


The crowd was huge! Say what you will but I LOVED the spectacle and the grandeur of it. Obama’s speech was very good I even re-watched it online later with Jen (who missed it because of work). From a historical standpoint it was magical, and the thought that the last person to put their hands on the book he was sworn in on was Abraham Lincoln gave me chills. It was truly a great moment and I hope it is something we can build off of. The cynic in me says to not get to excited but I maintain high hopes for a new mindset in this country.


I posted the text of the speech in my last entry. Below is the video courtesy of



January 14, 2009

Have I had this as a blog title before? Okay sort of yes. Completely different circumstances though. You see Scrubs was on last night!

JD and Elliot returned to their persuit of romantic involvement with eachother. Is this yet another Scrubs tease? Will JD find a way to fuck it all up? Or do they finally commit and go through it? I was questioning weather or not it actually had any meaning anymore because they waited so long to do it. The answer was….YES still had some meaning as Jen and I both said “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” in that way when you see a sickenling cute kitten or puppy or baby monkey.

Not much else really going on. Epic has it’s first show of 2009 this Friday. I will be sure to write about how that all went. Next week House returns to the small screen and I ca’nt wait! By the way I am still totally hooked on Twitter! Follow me if you read this. The link is on the right hand side of the screen.


Steak Night!

January 8, 2009

It’s been a few days but there really has not been a lot action out in these parts. This is why I love Twitter so much. I can blog about all of the things to small or unimportant to actually place in a blog entry.

Scrubs came back last night and in doing so brought forth it’s greatness to once again shed light on a dim and cruel world.

I mean this is likely the last season with the full cast and I must say i was really happy with the not one but TWO episodes that aired last night with the second being the better of the two. Did anyone actually think JD and Turk were going out to Steak Night instead of hangin’ with george?  I do hope to see more with Kelso though. I want to marry Ted.

In other news the promotion has apparently picked up a new sponsor today in Modern Age Media. It’s a shop here in Bay City that deals comic books, cards, and also rents DVDs and games. Pretty sweet deal. We will be selling tickets through them starting with our next event.

We started back with School yesterday as well. All is quiet on the homework front until tomorrow. I must also decide on what I want to do for my Philosophy final a tough choice to be sure. None the less I am soooooooooooo looking forward to it.


What It Takes

October 7, 2008

First things first, the doctor appointment couldn’t have gone better. I am now walking in my boot without the walker. Progress is slow, and it still hurts alot, but the pain is decreasing day by day.

Heroes was really good last night.

As I said in my last post, this is where the show traditionally picks up, and I think it did just that. This is the making of one hell of a great season, I can feel it.

No House tonight, the most suck.

In the baseball department both teams that I wanted to win the NL got their asses handed to them (Brewers, and Cubs). On the other hand both teams in the AL were awesome (Red Sox, Rays). So atleast one of the teams I’m rooting for will end up in the World Series. Right now I am still rooting for the Rays to take it all. Should they falter then I’m all for back to back Red Sox championships.

In the donwer news of the week, Kayla is having problems at school. She’s an impulsive kid, and just doesn’t know how to keep it in check. Hope for the best, is all we can do I suppose. I’m a little lost at what to do here.


Show Must Go On!

September 30, 2008

So there are a few things going on, lets write em’ down shall we?

Today is yet another doctor appoint down to Ann Arbor. Hopefully I am progressing well, and I will continue to get some good news. Even for visits like these (simple ones) I never fail to get nervous (freaked out) right before the trip.

I FINALLY got my latest in a seris of Pell Grant checks from school. This is only good in that I can now pay off my parents, and the credit card bill, it’s not due until the 13th, but why not pay it off early?

Heroes again last night!

The show continues its twists and turns. The basic Heroes forumla goes like this. Episodes 1-4 show you a lot of cool stuff, twist and turn things, confuse the hell out of you, and leave you with a decent, to excellent cliff hanger leading to the next episode. Then episodes 5-14 usually give you the tie ins to explain the other stuff in the previous episodes, then the story takes off and you end up with a pretty cool half a season. Sylar as HRG’s partner was really awesome!

Well the Tiger’s season is officially over. The almost had a four game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays, but they lost their last home game of the season, and then they lost the make up game against the hated White Sox to end the season in the tank…….dead last…

Well the playoffs are here. I rooted for the Sox or the Angels in the AL last year and the Rockies in the NL. Well my number one pick this year is………

I am rooting for the Rays! I don’t care who wins the Al Central, if they aren’t the Tigers I hope they go down in flames~! The Rays remind me alot of my beloved ’06 Tigers in a lot of ways and I hope they do it. My back up plan in the AL is the Red Sox.  In the NL my hopes are pinned on the Brew Crew and the Cubbies.

As for the Tigers, make some changes for petes sake, and we will see ya next year……sheeeeesh!