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The Blog Debate

June 20, 2009

So I log in here and I realize I haven’t had anything decent to say since before the Stanley Cup. Well that didn’t go so well. The Red Wings lost in seven games.

Fathers Days is tomorrow and I got some pretty cool things. My Mom and Dad scored me the Star Trek collectors cups from BK, very cool! Jenny got me a really sweet Tigers shirt, and new pair of jeans, and a pretty swanky watch. You know I like because I would normally never a word like “swanky”.

Anyway things have been slow, and boring, I found Twitter a more useful tool for my day by day ramblings. I have been debating about shutting down updates here all together in favor of Tweets. That would see this blog go the way of my old Live Journal. I remain undecided, perhaps things will clear up sooner than later in the “nothing going on” department. We shall see.


Steak Night!

January 8, 2009

It’s been a few days but there really has not been a lot action out in these parts. This is why I love Twitter so much. I can blog about all of the things to small or unimportant to actually place in a blog entry.

Scrubs came back last night and in doing so brought forth it’s greatness to once again shed light on a dim and cruel world.

I mean this is likely the last season with the full cast and I must say i was really happy with the not one but TWO episodes that aired last night with the second being the better of the two. Did anyone actually think JD and Turk were going out to Steak Night instead of hangin’ with george?  I do hope to see more with Kelso though. I want to marry Ted.

In other news the promotion has apparently picked up a new sponsor today in Modern Age Media. It’s a shop here in Bay City that deals comic books, cards, and also rents DVDs and games. Pretty sweet deal. We will be selling tickets through them starting with our next event.

We started back with School yesterday as well. All is quiet on the homework front until tomorrow. I must also decide on what I want to do for my Philosophy final a tough choice to be sure. None the less I am soooooooooooo looking forward to it.


It Was Worth It

December 28, 2008

So Christmas has come and gone. Jen and I are taking the tree down tomorrow. The heavy debt stuff really sucks but it was worth it to see how much Kayla enjoyed everything. Grandma and grandpa Arnold got her a purple Scooter~! and a Barbie Car. We got her some books, movies, DS games, and that Hannah Montana Guitar Hero game. My parents got her the Barbie Dream House she wanted ever so much all year. The look on her face was worth the wait. Pictures to follow at the end of the post.

If you wander by here and happen to be a fan of House MD I recently made a video covering my two favorite episodes thus far “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart”. I’ve made plenty of videos in my day but never one based off of a TV show. you can download it @:

If you also wander by here and you use TWITTER I now have an account. If you want to follow me feel free to @:

Last week the Lions went to a historic 0-15~! No team in NFL history has ever had a record that bad. They look to further that history by going 0-16 in Green Bay tomorrow, I shall be watching!

Christmas Pix: