Awwwwwww Come On!

April 28, 2007

That seems to be the mantra of the day. I’ve been trying to lose weight for what seems like forever now, but it’s really only been a few months. I started strong by eating less, eating smarter, and cutting out things like junk food, and regular soda. However a big part of weight loss, is exercise. This has been a particular pain for me, not because I don’t want to, but because the situation I’m in has made is difficult. More so then usual for someone my size.

For a big guy, the best method to pursue is walk every day. Things like sit-ups and weight lifting, is a form of exercise, and it does burn fat, but not nearly as much as walking will, exercises like that are meant mainly for muscle tone. Well I still have that bone problem in my ankle (made worse by my weight). That makes it hard for me get out and walk every day. If I’m lucky, I can manage once every other day. I can’t use the treadmill we have, because I’m to heavy for it. Today I thought my wishes were answered.

Jen’s parents said that they had an old exercise bike in their basement. This seemed like the perfect solution for me. I can ride a bike a lot longer then I can walk! So I figured it could do that in between the days I went for walks. Well Jen and her brother John brought it over today. It was certainly old, it looked like it was as old as I was. Ugly to boot. However it must have been built for smaller women or something to that effect, and clearly not built to accommodate a six foot one fella like myself. So riding that went out the window.

Jen and I walked down to the store to buy groceries. I am going to try even harder to cut down of how much I eat, and try to walk as often as I can. Hopefully things will get better. I lost twenty pounds in a month, but without the constant exercise I put five back on over the course of last week.

Next week we are going over to my parents for the weekend. Jen and I are going to go see Spider-Man 3~! AWESOME~!! Then I have another surgery for that tail bone cyst problem I’ve been having for years. This is surgery number three. That’s on the 11th. Wish me luck.


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