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Glaringly Bad Plot-Holes

January 31, 2010

This is as good a way to describe things lately. A good movie or television script would have its writers trying their hardest to make sure there weren’t any. Such can not be said about my world lately. Things should be going good, in fact much better then they are. Jenny and I have a new baby on the way, I am getting some web work on the site to earn a little extra money for us, but things still feel pretty bad.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is most definitely some kind of  negative vibe-ish/karma-y type things lingering around. It could be that I am nowhere close to losing the kind of weight I was hoping for, maybe its that my Dad has been unemployed for over a year now, I don’t know.

Either way, I am trying to keep busy. I recently watched the new Sherlock Holmes movieand The Men Who Stare At Goats.

I completely loved “Holmes” I actually enjoyed some of the Sherlock stories long before I knew there was to be a new movie made. I was easily suckered into this because of my love for House MD, and as soon as I heard they tried to update Holmes with more House like banter (House and Wilson obviously modeled after Holmes and Watson) I was on board for this one and it didn’t disappoint.  Don’t let the trailer fool you, it’s not a balls-to-the-wall action as it makes it seem.

“Goats” was funny and had its moments, it also had a stellar cast, but at the end of the movie I never really felt all that connected to it. I would say that it is woth a watch though.

Speaking of watching things, the new season of House has been quite good. I stopped watching Heroes all together this year. Things went down hill following the first season (which was awesome), but after that things turned sour a bit, and each season got worse and worse to the point where I just stopped watching. However I was pleasantly surprised at the new season of Scrubs. I am loving the new cast, and it keeps the right balance of old characters in there as well to make it still “feel” like the old show.

Hopefully if I go to bed right now, I can sleep until spring training starts. Yeeeesssss, the Tigers traded away Granderson (my favorite player) but I will in fact keep watching them despite that last factual nugget.


Battlestar Galactica…Unforgettable

August 22, 2009

So I’ve just finished watch the series finale to Battlestar Galactica. Now I am a hardcore Star Trek fan through and through but the story arc and character development might very well make this the absolute best SciFi series of all time. If you are not familiar with the subject matter of the show or if you have not watched it through to the end then you’ll probably not want to read this.

Now I have read some reviews that complain about the “too happy” ending, complaints over the religious overtones, the “lack of resolution” and most of all the preachy nature of how the robots will all rise up and kill us Matrix and/or Terminator style. I just disagree.

I am however quick to point out that nobody should ever laugh off the possibility of creating A.I. that could someday surpass our own intelligence. I love science but science tends to have a problem with thinking before doing. Jurassic Park had a great line about scientists being so concerned with weather or not they could instead of thinking about weather or not they should. That sort of thinking exists and as proof I give you the Tsar Bomba. Granted we have never come close to making something like a Cylon or a Terminator but that does not mean that scientists won’t try. Science may not be flawed by scientists are human and they are flawed. That not withstanding; my viewing of the last episode had me thinking a lot more than “ohh so the message is don’t create Cylons”. I think one of the messages was, yes, to stop and think if we should before we do something that could have repercussions as big as that (no matter what it is be it a Cylon/Terminator thingy or a bomb that can wipe a country and its people off the face of the Earth).

But I also got the message that Human society on its own failed (Kobol, The 12 Colonies) Cylon society failed on its own (The Colony, Original Earth) it was only when the two waring enemies found common ground and joined together that a resolution was found (for them). That brings me to the religious aspect.

One of the revelations at the end was that God did exist in some form. Many people are taking this to mean quite literally that the makers of this show are telling us to go and join a Christian church somewhere because it is all true. Maybe that was the writers intentions (I do not know) but what I took out of it was this. All of the signs pointed out in this series told me that there is something out there responsible for the creation of existence and it does have some kind of plan laid out for our species but never did it specify anything (other than Easter eggs here and there) that said anything about our religions here today. If anything it was left incredibly vague as to what it was that the Cylons and humans called God. There was no other mention of any other kind of “Christian message” that I got other then “something God like exists”. I am not a person tied to any one faith and yeah I do believe that something had to start all of this. The Big Bang started the universe as we know it? Great! What caused the Big Bang? And until people can tell me where existence started the floor is open to all possibilities in my humble opinion. I am not arrogant enough to assume I know the answer to the unanswerable.

The great part of this show is that it ends where our known history begins. So a Human/Cylon hybrid lead to our evolution and existence. The show itself ended on kind of a happy note but the real mind bender here that the story technically continues to include the history of life on this planet. They wanted to instill their best qualities in the early life that lived here on our Earth. The ironic thing is that they failed. You can look through our history and see that things they “originated” eventually came to the surface. A people who believed in many Gods and a people who believed in one true God and things splintered even more from there when people started to have ideas about what the one true God really was. These kind of em-battlements don’t just exist between nations today they exist in our own towns. The overall message I got from this show is that the Humans and the Cylons had the same issues but failed to create a decent society on their own the only way they found true peace was to find common ground in spite of their differences.

To me that is the biggest moral of this incredible story. Human civilization has destroyed almost everything its touched in the pursuit of bettering ourselves and that includes our own race (Human Beings) the only way to start to find a way to avoid annihilation is to find a common ground with those who we hate… try and find commonalities and look past our imperfections and our differences… find a way to unite…..if not we are doomed to repeat the cycle started back on Kobol. To me that is the story of BSG that is what I took from it.

One thing is for sure I am never going to forget this show. Forget the story for a minute. The fact that this is a SciFi/SyFy channel show is astounding as that channel produces a lot of crap but the effects, the characters, and the acting are beyond reproach.


Walking The Walk

May 30, 2009

Well I got the nod from my Doctor to start walking with the walker once again. This is taking place earlier then it did last time and I am hoping that is a good sign. So far everything is feeling okay and I will endeavor to keep my head up.

Other wise there is not a lot of noteworthy events taking place. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of video games, watching movies and so on….. There hasn’t been much to do other than that I’m sorry to say. I managed to watch the entire Star Trek library. It took several months but I have watched everything in chronological order.  So that is from the Enterprise pilot “Broken Bow” to the last Next Generation “Nemesis”.

Now I am going through all nine season of Seinfeld. I am currently on Season 5.

Sports wise the Tigers are doing okay. They are still holding on to 1st place. Barring some craziness later in the season it appears that they are in a good position to make the playoffs this year! Speaking of the playoffs, the Red Wings have been incredible once again this year. The Stanley Cup Finals start tonight and just like last year it’s the Wing and the Pens!




March 28, 2009

No House on Monday……..grrrrrr……Heroes was pretty decent however, one of the better episodes this season I would even say. FINALLY got to see Scrubs again and oooohhhh maaaannn was it a good episode. This season has been unbelievable when it comes to the funny scale. I wouldn’t even know where to begin…….

A whole lot of nothing else happened this week. Jen and I did get to see Changeling on Blu-Ray. We hadn’t seen it since we went to check it out in the theater. I just get glued to the screen watching that flick.

Oh yeah and I recently cemented my path as the nerdiest person I know….. I finally got all seven season of Star Trek: Voyager~!


This officially gives every season of every Start Trek ever plus all of the movies. To top it off I have and am continuing to watch all of it in chronological order! Right now I am on season seven of TNG and season two of DSS9.

The Epic Anniversary show was tonight. All I can say is that it blew away all of my expectations. I think it was easily our best show top to bottom and it had a little bit of everything on it. I got to meet some really classy and just flat out awesome people tonight as well. Thanks for making it my favorite wrestling related day ever in history!


The Week In One Post

March 19, 2009

It has in fact been that slow of a week. Kayla had her first real school function of sorts. Her school has a spring concert across the street from us over a John Glenn High School. I was really nervous for her because I know how bad she gets around a lot of people and how nervous she can be with so many eyes on her (lord knows I am). We were both so happy to see her walk out smiling! She sang songs with her classmates in front a packed auditorium (had to be at least 300 people). And she was great!


We were so happy that we went out to McDonald’s to treat her for being so good, not only during the concert but the whole school week. We made it home in enough time to catch the last half hour of House.


I guess I can’t really comment all that much on it. Having missed half the episode I had to take a guess at what was going on. But the last half of the show was really fun. No Heroes this week, and as usual there were no Scrubs either…..WTF!

Turns out I definitely need surgery on my foot again. I go back under the knife on April 8th………I am not looking forward to this at all. In fact I am really starting to dread surgeries , it feels like I am having one a year (and I might very be). As a person in their late 20’s this isn’t a good sign.


Jen and I watched Eagle Eye last night. Pretty fun movie. Not a blow away or anything like that. Certainly good for a once over. Popcorn movies are always a good time. Turn off your mind, have a snack, and kill some time. Speaking of that, check out the watchmen Opening Credits…..Maybe the best credit sequence ever.

Watchmen Opening Credits


Hitler Was A Vegetarian

March 10, 2009

Oh boy this could be a long one………

Saturday was a good day. In fact the entire week was saved by Saturday. Jenny and I went to see Watchmen~!


Despite there not being a trailer for Star Trek in front of it (more on that in a second) it was a fantastic experience. The movie was everything I had hoped for and maybe more. The focus on character and the way they were able to stay true to the story and adapt as much as they did in the time allowed was incredible to me. The one thing I worried about most was Jenny as an outsider to the book and film and her enjoyment. Most of the critical review said outsiders won’t get it, and as it turns out that couldn’t have been further from the truth. She loved it as well, she even figured out the existence of Adrian Veidt’s pet Bubastis in it’s minute and a half of screen time. I should also mention that Jackie Earle Haley was magnificent as Rorschach!

I should also make mention of how great the opening credits were. Set to a fantastic Bob Dylan tune, the credits managed to cover all of the back story without much explanation later on. Even if you didn’t know who the characters are at the start most of those images are explained later on.

Speaking of the Star Trek trailer that I was disappointed I didn’t get to see on the silver screen…. It hit the net on Friday and it is without a doubt THE BEST Trek trailer in it’s long film history.

That brings us to yesterday and the return of House!


And it was worth the wait. I had tweeted earlier on my Twitter account that I thought the show was good but not blow away. Well it didn’t end up as a blow away episode but it was certainly better than good! I like the way this show is going and as per usually I hope it never stops.

Heroes was pretty decent as well, but it looks like we are having a bigger episode next week. The stuff with Sylar and his Dad started good but I didn’t think it was a very good pay off in the end. Right now I’m kind of hot and cold with the show but I am willing to see how it pays off.

Time to start shopping for gifts! Kayla’s birthday is on April 4th, and Jenny has her birthday on May 10th! It’s also Mommy Day so it looks like I will be embellishing on the love of my life a bit more then usual…..Lucky her!



March 4, 2009

Well the start of this week has sucked.

No House this week. This is always a sign that the week ahead will be shitty. Heroes was pretty decent, although I can’t really be anymore positive than that as I am still reeling from not getting to see House.

Well at least I had a new set of Scrubs episodes to watch……WTF! Scrubs was shows repeats?!@? WHY?!? The show has been prempted like six times by the president you’d think they would have a back log of new epsidoes just waiting to air!

Also…HEY! All the work I put into the Epic 1 Year Anniversary Show has been for nothing. GREAT!

The only good news I got was that I passed both of my last classes. I am starting a US History Class and Economic Theory.

Jen and I are going to see WATCHMEN~! this Saturday so hopefully that saves this waste of a week…….. Ugggggggg