Down In A Hole

July 31, 2009

Things are not going so good around here these days. I gained a ton of weight, I’m winded just going up and down the stairs some days. Even if I was medically cleared to work right now I doubt I could hold down a job unless they required me to sit for eight hours.

In the meantime Jen isn’t getting as many hours as we’d hope, we have four bills do, and once she cashes her check from work our bank account will still be over drawn. She’s currently looking into getting a second job, something she shouldn’t have to be doing especially with us living in HUD housing.

For those of you who jokingly say that “money is the root of all evil” I propose to you that you say the phrase with more vigor and belief. Money is only good for those who have it, if you are not fortunate enough then the world can easily come crashing down on you. It is truly a wonderment how humanity lives and dies because of paper bills and metal coins.


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